Are you the one?

As a Venture Analyst, we promise a joyful journey which will test your mettle and will require you to stay hooked and grounded. 

Welcome to the Favcy 'Are you the one' Challenge

If you provide all correct answers, you will get a call from us. If you do not, no stress, there will be many more expeditions.

All participants will be individually informed. We expect about 57 participants on this Expedition.

The story so far! 

You have received an insider information with some photos and clues as a packet. You open the packet, which contained the following letter 

Dear Candidate,
We are sending some photos to you and some clue chits that we found outside our office today. We could not understand what is to be done, but believe that there are 5 clues which correspond to the various images that you may find within this packet. We do not know which clue belongs to which picture. 

We also believe that the final answer - which is a name and branch of a bank, where the 20MN USD robbery is expected,  is hidden in the answers that you obtain by solving the clues.  It is now only upto you to help us solve this case. We are also attaching a form, where you can send us all answers to the clues. 

Hope you solve it soon and save the bank and the branch from this robbery.

God Bless you, 



Clue 1 - You were expecting the guards to salute you but they looked rather disinterested. you pick up your car and you start driving.  You peer closely at a board and you aren’t a chauffeur - so you pick the other word and keep that

Clue 2- As you pick up speed on the road, you realise you have reached a strange dead end, where an Imam calls for you. But you aren’t there for the Imam and your better half asks you to look at red. There is a clue hidden there which gets very well added to ‘dom’ and you love it. Pick that up.

Clue 3- You are on a crossroad with two choices. You always know which is right.
As you pass through you pick up a word which is on the board and also in your wife’s hair. Pick that up. It’s light too.

Clue 4 -The number 1 signifies a lot to you. How you missed THIS when you were in college. You wouldn’t have had to use the bus! As you gaze closely, there is something odd at the board. The same word appears Thrice. You pick that word. Great thinking.

Clue 5 - 55 and 56 are very important to you. They always have been. You look up. And she mesmerises you. You have been known to get mesmerised by such clothing. While you were dreaming, the lady tells you to pick this logo. And you pick the company with it.

Final reporting - You report to Favcy -  I have all the words but how do I crack the branch code. Then it strikes to you, maybe all words signify a number count and the order of clues give a 5 letter number that could be a branch code!