Entrepreneur in Residence, Regal Sutra - Apply Here

Note: This is not your run of the mill job. Only high agency candidates with an entrepreneurial mindset should apply.

About Favcy

Started in 2015, we are a Digital First Venture Builder based in New Delhi, India. We co-build with phenomenal non-tech background founders getting them from 0 to 10. Starting from a simple idea to a full blown successful scalable startup, we take founders through our tested and frugal model to ensure capital efficiency yet that are effective in pushing traction.

We are an end to end Startup Ecosystem bringing strategy, resources and capital to the table. Having built 32+ startups in the last 3 years, we are looking for founders for our Build to Sell cohort. Checkout our portfolio here: https://favcyportfolio.com/

Build to Sell Mission

In our journey of over 3 years while venture building 32 startups and a 3000+ investor network with $5Mn+ of owned AUM, our learning says that:

  1. Not all founders want to build forever or build the same thing forever
  2. Not all investors want/can afford to wait forever for their returns

With the above understanding, India's largest venture builder - Favcy and 1stCheque are building a Build-to-Sell cohort of 6 startups, built with a clear exit strategy from day zero.

Regal Sutra is part of our Build-to-Sell cohort.

Job Description: EIR - Business Development & Operations, RegalSutra

About RegalSutra:

RegalSutra is redefining the luxury wedding experience by connecting couples with India's most majestic palace venues for their dream wedding. This thesis is riding strong on the ‘Wed in India’ movement supported by Prime Minister Modi. 

Our digital platform offers a curated selection of venues, alongside comprehensive services via trusted vendors, to ensure a seamless and unforgettable wedding experience. With a foundation in exquisite design and curated experiences, thanks to our first co-founder's expertise in architecture and interior design, we're now seeking to expand our founding team with a focus on strategic growth and operational excellence.

Position Overview:

As the EIR responsible for Business Development, Brand and Operations, you will play a critical role in the expansion and scaling of RegalSutra. This position demands a strategic thinker with a knack for identifying growth opportunities, forging meaningful partnerships, and streamlining operations to enhance our platform's efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Key Responsibilities:

- Strategic Business Development: Identify and cultivate partnerships with palace venues, luxury service providers, and vendors to expand our offerings. Develop strategies to enter new markets and demographics.

- Operational Leadership: Establish and optimize operational processes that ensure the seamless execution of weddings, from initial planning stages through to the event day. Implement systems for effective communication between couples, vendors, and service teams.

- Financial Management: Oversee the venture's financial strategy, including budgeting, pricing, and revenue models, to ensure long-term sustainability and growth.

- Marketing & Customer Acquisition: Work alongside marketing teams to develop strategies that enhance brand visibility and attract our target customer base. Leverage data and customer feedback to refine marketing approaches.

- Technology Integration: Collaborate with tech teams to enhance the RegalSutra platform, ensuring it meets user needs for functionality, usability, and innovation.

- Team Building & Leadership: Recruit, train, and lead a team that's as committed to revolutionizing the wedding planning experience as we are. Foster a culture of excellence, innovation, and customer-centricity.


- A minimum of 6-7 years of experience in business development, operations, and/or strategic management, preferably in the luxury market, hospitality, or event planning sectors.

- Entrepreneurial mindset with a track record of successfully scaling businesses.

- Strong leadership skills and the ability to build and motivate a team.

- Excellent negotiation and partnership-building skills.

- Familiarity with digital platforms and technology-driven solutions.

- Exceptional problem-solving abilities and operational efficiency.

- Passion for creating unique and memorable experiences.

- Work Experience in the wedding industry/event management would be a bonus.

Why Join Us:

This is a rare opportunity to co-found a venture that's set to revolutionize the luxury wedding industry in India. You'll work alongside creative and strategic minds, have the autonomy to shape the direction of the venture, and directly impact how dream weddings are conceived and realized. At RegalSutra, you're not just building a platform; you're crafting experiences that will be cherished for a lifetime.

What’s in it for you?

  • Opportunity to be the founder of a digital first venture solving an interesting and large-impact problem. Take the venture from 0 to 1 to 10 to 100.
  • Gain a deep understanding of the market, ideal customer profile, problem statement, problem - solution fit, competitive landscape and the business model.
  • Work with the partnership of India’s largest Venture Builder and borrow from our expertise
  • To scale an idea to a venture with speed and precision.
  • Competitive package comprising cash plus equity, reflecting the value and commitment you bring to the venture.
  • Independently manage the venture with the institutional backing of Favcy VB across all verticals of product, growth, brand, investor relations.

Selection Process:

CV and Application Form Submission: Begin by submitting your CV and a short application form, highlighting why you are the ideal candidate for this transformative role at Regal Sutra.

Treasure Hunt Activity: Engage in an intriguing treasure hunt activity designed to test your problem-solving skills and creativity. Success in this activity will get you shortlisted.

Interview Round 1: An introductory interview to discuss your background, understand the opportunity at Regal Sutra in more detail, and articulate your vision for contributing to the venture.

Comprehensive Evaluation Form: Fill out a detailed evaluation form aimed at assessing your suitability for the Co-Founder role. This includes evaluating your strategic acumen, leadership capabilities, and alignment with our mission and values.

Interview Round 2: A deeper dive into your understanding and approach to the business, building on the insights gained from the first interview.

Pitch to Investment Committee: Develop and present a pitch deck that outlines your vision, strategy, and how you plan to contribute to Regal Sutra's success. This presentation to our Investment Committee is your chance to demonstrate your strategic thinking, operational planning, and how you envision scaling Regal Sutra.

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