Research Analyst Intern - Apply Here

About Favcy

 Favcy is India’s largest venture building platform that works with non-tech startup founders looking to build digital-first ventures. At Favcy, we believe in ‘Tech Democracy' - making Digital Dollars through a unified Shared Tech Platform. We combine tech expertise and business intelligence to digitize businesses. We currently have a portfolio of 25+ startups from a variety of sectors. Our mission is to bring our combined expertise in tech and business intelligence to empower the non-tech entrepreneurs in the country.

Location - Hybrid (Delhi + Remote)

Duration - 3 months

Expected Traits of a Research Analyst Intern

  • Obsessive about getting quality founders to Favcy Venture Builders
  • Aware of the latest startup trends
  • Passionate to provide value to startup founders
  • Has strong rigor and discipline to achieve targets


  1. Undertake DREK Market Research for Idea Evaluation
  2. Conduct financial simulations for idea business modeling
  3. Build out your own idea thesis with support from the team
  4. Network with industry professionals to source relevant deaflow
  5. Research about upcoming sectors and industry trends
  6. Process and Turnaround Time adherence

What’s in it for you?

  1. Get an in-depth understanding of the startup ecosystem
  2. Understand how to validate ideas and check for financial feasibility
  3. Learn about the process of building a digital-first startup from scratch
  4. Connect with top personnel across the industry
  5. Operate in a fast-paced dynamic environment

Stipend - Rs. 10,000/- per month

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