The curious case of the Eccentric Founder

As an Investor Relations Associate, we promise a joyful journey for you which will test your mettle and will require you to stay hooked and grounded. 

Welcome to the 'Is this for me' Challenge

If you provide all correct answers, you will get a call from us. If you do not, no stress, there will be many more expeditions.

All participants will be individually informed. We expect 100+ participants on this Expedition.

The Story So Far

You get a call from the Favcy Venture Builder’s Pod in Mussoorie.

Come over here soon and the phone gets disconnected. There was some urgency in the voice of the  partner that you were speaking with. 

You reach the lovely office pod at Mussoorie and rush to meet the partner. She meets you in the hallway and says, this is the note that I have received with some photographs. 

You look at her puzzled and quizzically ask her, “What the hell is this?”

This is the startup that we have been chasing to work and invest in. And the eccentric founder has thrown a challenge to all the Investors.

He says, the partner quoted "I am throwing a challenge, the one who solves the cryptic clues to fathom the amount of money that I am asking for,  gets the deal". 

"This is quite preposterous", you almost shriek. 

The partner smiles, turns around and says welcome to the world of madness. 

You look at the note. It has some photographs of Mussoorie, some clues and one note. 

<Note starts>

If you get all the 4 words, which I doubt you will, put them in the exact sequence and then pick the first two alphabets of each word and remember that A is 1 and B is 2 


But thats not where it ends. Once you have the numbers, and if you put it together, the unit 1 in the series does not count. 

HAHAHHAHAH!! (you can feel his crooked laughter in your bones!!)

And even if you then get the unique 6 digit number, the good guys at ABB will not tell you what machine it corresponds to. 

HAHAHAHAHAH!! (get lost you laughter!)

And even if you get to know the weight of that machine, I am certain you will never be able to guess that I am weighed in GOLD as a startup. 

HAHAHAHAHAAHAH! (well, sigh! sigh!)

Now go guess the cheque that you are supposed to send to me. Even if you get the approx figure in crore, I will accept it. 

What’s the amount I am seeking??

HAHAHAHAHAHAH! (seriously!!)

<Note ends>

This is crazy and your adrenaline is pumping. You turn around the note and saw 4 photographs and 4 clues. 

Clue 1 - You know he's made an error. This is not a word that is made of an animal's skin but is made when you shave. Identify the picture with the error. Your first answer is the 'word with the error'. 

Clue 2 -   The seaman has sent this code  ..-. .. -. -.. / -- . / .- - / .--- .- -. - .- 
If you get this code, rush to the site and pick the word that resonates with your nationality.

Clue 3 - As you are walking downhill, a man bumps into you and passes you a photo of Maharaja Agrasen. You look bewildered at him and before you could do anything he disappears. As you turn the photo of Maharaja Agrasen, it says “ FIND THE SURNAME THAT IS ASSOCIATED WITH HIM” You look up and smile and enter the restaurant. Pick the surname of the restaurant, as it is. 

Clue 4 - The yawning man’s elbow has given you a simple gift. Pick the gift, I mean the word


You call out for the partner. She comes out of her zoom call and you look at her with quite dismay. 

"Isn't this preposterous?" 

She smiles and says, go figure it. I am waiting for your answer. Tell me in crores, what's the amount. 

"But hey, before I go", the partner added, "I know the eccentric founder, he has kept 4 clues hidden in all 4 pictures. Once you have the words, just follow the note to come out with what you think is the number"





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